PelvisPregnancy Care

For Mothers:

Proper alignment of the spine, specifically lower back, has been shown to create greater room for the uterus to grow and expand in proper position during the development stages. Furthermore, ligaments running from the lower spine, specifically the sacrum, and the front of the pelvis (pubic symphysis) connect to the uterus. Proper alignment may relieve tightened ligaments, pulling unevenly on the uterus, and potentially cause pain an improper position of the uterus. Regular chiropractic adjustments encourage the mother's pelvis to be in an ideal position for the baby's growth and development.

Spinal alignment in a pregnant woman also has other effects on the body. Proper alignment ensures clear neural pathways throughout the body, allowing for communication free from interference, from the brain to the uterus and other organs. Proper communication between the brain, your body’s control center, and each organ, including the uterus, is imperative for optimal organ function during your baby’s development.

Finally, regular chiropractic adjustment through pregnancy has been shown to decrease labor time. Under routine chiropractic care, labor times have been shown to decrease 35-40% overall compared to those who are not under chiropractic care. By potentially decreasing labor time, the risk for potential labor complications, increase the potential for natural birthing means, and lessen the risk of a cesarean section.Birthing Presentations

For Baby:

The effects of routine chiropractic adjustments on women are not limited to just the mother. The baby, in utero, also can benefit greatly from a mother’s adjustment. Baby’s growth and development in the womb may cause constraint an unintended issues such as their first physical micro-trauma that may cause changes to baby’s spine. These changes may be caused by the sacrum and pelvis misalignment of the mother. Baby position may also cause unintended spinal changes. Babies who are in breech position, transverse lie (shoulder presentation), or facial presentation all have greater stress placed on their spines as they remain in these positions over time. Chiropractic adjustments to the mother have shown effective at alleviating these issues through the use of the Webster Technique.

Webster Technique:

The Webster Technique involves assessing for proper alignment of the sacrum, as well as, identifying tight ligaments which may pose a threat to proper alignment of both sacrum and uterus. Through identification, adjustments are able to be made to any areas of concern, thereby, encourging proper alignment and ideal uterus positioning for baby’s growth, development and delivery.

Additionally, the Webster Technique has been found to be 85-90% effective in allowing for proper space in the uterus and nerve communication, allowing a breech baby to turn head down.